It hurts so much to say this but my wife and I are separating for three weeks.  This is mainly to give her time to work on herself without me being around.  She is nervous all the time when I am around so I guess it is a good thing.  We both agree that we both do not deserve that.  Now we have to explain to the kids what is going on and try to reassure them that it is only temporary.  I can only hope it is temporary.  I am torn.  A small part of me feels that if she cannot truly desire me then I want out but most of me wants her to realize that she misses me.  I am afraid she will like my absence too much.  I do not think she realizes how much I do for her.  I am her confidant.  I make a lot more money than she does.  I handle all the money.  I am (I think) good in bed.  Her divorced life would be significantly more difficult than it is now.  My life would be a lot more difficult as well I know but I am used to taking care of things already.  The kids part would be the most difficult of all.


2 thoughts on “Separation

  1. Jacquie says:

    Not really sure what to say. I just want to encourage you to try to keep positive. Perhaps this will be the best thing to happen. Maybe the space will strengthen you, help you grow toward that healthy that you want. Then when you get back together you may see each other through fresh eyes, with a new perspective.

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