Stop Talking!

If you are a needy person you need to stop talking about the relationship and stop moping around.  You need to be confident and live you life to the fullest.  The first step to recovery is to accept that you might not have a future with your spouse.  I will never forget that when my wife and I were dating she broke up with me.  For a while afterwards I was a wreck and begging her to come back to me but eventually I started to get over her.  I started look forward to dating again.  Then my wife wanted to get back together again.  My indifference to her won her back.  She told me it was so attractive.   All this brings to mind the horse whisperer taming a wild horse.  He keeps his distance but follows the horse around.  After a while he walks away and horse follows.  Not a bad analogy I don’t think.


One thought on “Stop Talking!

  1. Do not forget your own advice here, where you say your indifference won her back. It can and will in a marital separation too.

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