My wife and I had a heart-to-heart this weekend.  She has admitted to having a hardened heart from my behavior over the years.  What has hurt her even more over the past 2 years is my disappointment in her.  Well, Saturday she finally admitted to being disappointed in me as a husband.  This is a break through in honesty for us.  Believe it or not this admission gives me a lot of relief.  One of the biggest problems I have had these past 2 years is that I thought things were missing and that she did not have it for me.  This is a tacit admission that she (Love-You-But-Are-Not-In-Love-With-You) has been missing feelings for me.  This whole time she made me feel as though there was nothing wrong and this was just how it is going to be after 20 years of marriage.  I finally have validation for how I have been feeling.  This gives me hope.  As was before I was in despair.  I felt like I could not stay in a marriage like it was.  Now I feel like that if I fix my behavior that there is hope that she will come around.  No more relationship talk just action from now on.


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