Male Emotions

We are taught from an early age to be tough and maintain our emotions as males.  As we get older we get conflicting messages as to being ourselves and opening up in our relationships.  I think being a man and showing emotional weakness in a relationship can be hugely detrimental.  I am currently torn as to what I am to do.  I have a greater need for my wife to be loving towards me than the average man.  My wife is less emotionally driven than the average woman.  So do I express my needs or learn to just shove them down deep and pretend I am fine in moments where I need reassurance.  I think anyone who continually shoves down feelings of need from a person will eventually become numb.  I think numbness in a relationship is the kiss of death.  So what is a guy to do?  Risk losing his wife’s attraction towards him by showing this weakness (or need) or risk drifting away from his wife???


2 thoughts on “Male Emotions

  1. Wow, man, you ask some hard questions. The marriage class at Church said honest communication about your desires is essential. But depending on the woman, I am not sure I buy this… Wish I was more help…I struggle with some of these same questions.

    • needyhusband says:

      I think there is a ton of bad marriage advice out there. I am thinking of leading a class at church about marriage for men. I think it would be good to have men from different generations in the class.

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