Affection and the Needy Husband

During dating affection is heavy and you often get validation of the other person’s feelings towards you with lots of affection.  Once married and as the years go by often the affection subsides.  This can be natural or forced.  In my situation I am a person who needs, for better or worse, lots of affection.  To be honest I created an environment  where it was hard for my wife to be very affectionate with me.  All the praise to my wife who continued to have regular sex with me.  The sex is where I found validation I craved since very little affection was found elsewhere.  I think this very common among both men and women.  I have heard that women who have high sex drives are often because they receive no affection any other time except for sex.  So as I become a more likeable husband I think sex frequency will have much less importance in terms of me feeling comfort in the relationship.


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