Testosterone and the Midlife Crisis

I have a theory about midlife crisis.  Athol Kay over at MarriedManSexLife believes it occurs when the wife of a man can no longer have children.  I believe there is some truth to that but I believe it is caused more by a drop in a man’s testosterone.  When testosterone is high  a man looks towards sex as the relationship barometer.  If sex is regular, everything is okay.  Once a man hits the age where his testosterone drops he starts seeing his relationship in a different light and starts examining his own life.  He starts sliding so he reaches out for things that can ramp up his manliness.  Motorcycles.  Working Out.  New Clothes.  Mistress?  It is hard to face.

I spent a couple of years feeling almost no energy and a reduced sex drive.  I thought I had found the answer when I got my T tested.  Sure enough it was super low (I blame my vasectomy).  The idiot that I can be went to a medical center that does T pellet implants in the rear.  Everything was great initially.  I leaned up quite it bit and felt a surge in energy, then the dark clouds rushed in.  My love for my wife went through the roof but she was still 20 years into a marriage.  Then paranoia set in.  Why doesn’t she love me?  Major anxiety set in.  My T went from very low to very high way to quickly.  It took months before they wore off.  Since then I went to my own doctor and am SLOWLY bringing my T back up.  If you need T bring your level up slowly and be careful to monitor your emotions carefully.  I think it might have something to do with the T converting to estrogen!


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