Let’s Get Physical

I have to admit that I have struggled with my weight for a long time.  Right now I am 50 lbs over where I want to be.  It sucks because it affects my self-esteem and although she says it does affect her attraction for me, I still believe it reduces my wife’s desire for me.  Today is my one year anniversary of working out with a personal trainer 3  half hour sessions each week.  So today I have worked out over 150 times in the last year or 75 hours.  150 times sounds like a lot but 75 hours doesn’t.  I really have not lost weight in the past year.  I have changed my diet a little but evidently not enough.  In order to try to make a dent I am going to up my workout time to 10 hours a week and reduce the carbs in my diet.  I have muscles but at 30% body fat it doesn’t matter.  An added motivation is that I have my 25th high school reunion coming up.  In regards to my marriage at least my wife knows that I am working on it.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Get Physical

  1. Keep at it and up the intensity!! I have a hard time with food intake, too. Good luck!!

    • needyhusband says:

      My workouts with the trainer are always intense. I am adding some interval workouts and adding some long rides on the bicycle. I don’t want to get big I just want to keep the muscle I have while losing the fat. It is so much easier to not eat it than to work it off but I can’t seem to help myself! Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. OffTheCuff says:

    Training is great, but you can’t train yourself into a caloric deficit. Diet and changed habits has to come first, otherwise you’ll be stuck. My buddy was 490 and could lift like crazy, but until he broke his bad food habits, he never kept any weight off. He’s 240 (6’6″) now.

    I lost 50+ with very minimal exercise – I did literally NO exercise for the first 40 and then added mild strength training for fun much later.

    • needyhusband says:

      Thanks for the input. I know my greatest struggle is with my diet. I figure if I just eliminate wheat, rice, and sugar from my diet I would get there. I think getting my hormones where they should be will also help.

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