Lesson 3: Changing Your Focus

I admit to being frustrated by human nature but I have no choice but to accept it.  Often those being pursued have a strong desire to run away and hide while being ignored makes them want to try harder.  If your wife has been the focus of your life or what is wrong with your life it is time to take a new tack.  You must change your focus and find a new mission in your life and you can’t do it with the end goal of getting more from your wife.  If you are like me this can be extremely scary.  I felt so scared when I took the focus off of my wife.  I was scared that we would just drift apart and I wouldn’t have my needs met anymore.  But what is the choice?  Continuing to be so intense with your attention will cause any relationship to shrink.  I had to be hit over the head with this reality as I almost destroyed my marriage.  What is the worst that can happen?


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