Being a Nice Guy

A little off topic but a little of shared wisdom.  Since I was a little kid I helped others and enjoyed it and still do.  When I became older and interested in girls I ended up helping them out of self interest.  The prettier the girl the more I was willing to do.  Being a smart guy I go used by girls for years before wising up.  This is something I am going to teach my son–“don’t do anything for a girl unless you are getting something in return.”  This holds true for adults too.  Do not help a woman with anything unless you will get something out of it.  This does not hold for a marriage where you must do a lot of things without expectations of payment.  However, if you are single and a “computer guy,” don’t help some hottie for free.  Demand some form of payment, push her to decide what but do not accept unless it is worthy of your effort.  She will respect you much more and think of you in a different light.  Remember that your time is valuable.


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