Are You A Chump?

Do you never say anything edgewise to your wife because you are worried she will withhold sex from even if it is a remote possibility?  Do you cook and clean by yourself in the hope that she will appreciate you and have sex with you?  Do you keep doing more and more in hopes that the nicer you are that will finally break through to her and she will reward you with the sexual relationship you have dreamed about?  Well, I hate to tell you but you are a Chump.

It sucks to face facts but you do not understand human relations very well.  The more you supplicate the less respect she will have for you and without respect attraction is tough.  A man does not have to have a 7 figure salary, be 6 ft 5, and six pack abs to bring the attraction.  A man just has to be strong in who he is and not apologize for it.  If you don’t mind doing all the work around the house then by all means do it just don’t do it for an expected pay back of any kind.  However, if she is not doing her share you need to call her on it.  Stand strong and don’t back down.  Expect things to fall apart for a while unless she is a complete slob.  She will wonder where the chump went and start a seed of respect for you.


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